How can you know the impact of your development investment ?

The Excel View™ 360 Feedback Assessment provides management (or team members) with a means to compare their personal perceptions of their performance with the perceptions of people they work most closely with. This survey provides powerful feedback about a manager’s practices in supporting a productive work environment. It generates scores which may be directly compared with the manager’s self-assessment. The 360 assessment becomes a structured format for constructive performance dialogue and development plans. It is also a great tool to develop management development training.

Can it be customized ? - Yes we can map the 360 assessment to your competencies.

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Why 360 Assessment? (PDF)

Excel with 360 Online - 5 Steps to Excel (Power Point)

360 Assessment Excel View Coach Report Outline

Sample Excel View 360 Feedback Assessment

360 Analysis and Feedback

The confidential assessment feedback includes over 30 pages of personalized computer graphs and other data to assist the individual in developing his/her own action plans for improved performance. Ideally, subject participants participate in "one on one" individualized review/training. To support participants in launching their performance plans, the Excel View™ 360 Feedback Assessment is accompanied by one on one review with one of our certified Performance Coaches, over the phone.  Contact us to learn more.

 Training Needs Assessment

By focusing on managers in general you can use this survey to do an assessment of which skills are in most need of training and development. Generally, by using the survey this way organizations can construct focused training on specific skills.

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