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How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.
~ William Shakespeare





"Leadership is the
capacity to translate vision
into reality."
-Warren Bennis


















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On a personal note... THANK YOU
I hope this enote finds you well. If you're in a leadership/management position, I know you're busy.  Nevertheless, as we challenge many clients, take time to lead yourself. Allowing time for your own renewal has an impact on your professional (and personal) effectiveness and on those of the teams you lead. Life health/balance for leaders becomes a challenge in an often busy pace. 

As outlined above I am one week away from finding out if I can indeed complete a Marathon (with a slight cold). You may have done one and know what it's like. If you want to train for one, check out a local running clinic like Running Room, Marathon Dynamics, or Jean's Marines (ladies). If this one goes well I hope to do the Rock and Roll Marathon in Phoenix in January.  

In our field we come across many people from many walks of life. We are blessed to call many clients friends and to have the opportunity to work with and grow together. We learn a little from all of you in the spirit of growth. Special thanks to all our clients in Canada, US, and the Caribbean. Thanks for allowing us to serve and challenge you as well as learn from you. Those of you who are current client partners, it's a privilege and a joy to partner with you and your teams. (Red, Yellow, Green or Blue). Theresa, Mohamad, Deidre, Erik - thanks for all the early morning runs and chats these recent months - you inspire excellence. Shirley, Bran, Jordie - "What up?". To Mike and Ren, I'm inspired by your running and friendship. Heidi,  "Joyous One", Steve, Leonie, "Ketz", Dave, Gillian, Tracey, Doug et al. - you've just made work a pleasure over all these years, plain and simple.

In summary, if you are managing people, you are indeed running an organizational marathon. May you run/lead in away that creates a clear path for those behind you, and may you continue to have the endurance to lead/run in a way that you finish well.

In the Spirit of Growth

Chuck Reynolds

PS.  I'm running for the Diabetes Association in honor of a dear friend Linton Leslie, who passed away in June shortly after suffering "brain death" from Diabetic complications.  If you'd like to sponsor me, any amount would be appreciated in support research to help. The link below will allow you to do so securely or you can go through the marathon site and click on charity challenge. Thanks for your help. CR


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Hi Folks.. I finally completed my first marathon last September and another half marathon in October. There were crowds of well wishers/spectators as you can imagine. To the surprise of some spectators, I stopped briefly before the finish line as I saw two important people. I stopped and walked over to hug my two cheering boys (3yrs & 5yrs) before finishing the final painful steps of the race. Thanks for all your emails and encouragement. Keep Coaching Keep Leading.


PS. My 3 yr old says if I run the marathon next year, he'll "help me win by running the last part by my side."