High Performance Management


The Challenge:

The world has changed. Political structures have changed. Organizations have changed. "Downsizing, Outsourcing, Re-engineering, Management Delayering and Restructuring" have resulted in significant implications for organizations and the people they employ. In the New Economy, "How do managers increase productivity with declining employee loyalty??"

"How do organizations ensure that they will be champions of change vs. victims of change??" --Leadership

The Solution:

Countries, political parties, sports teams, families, and businesses rise and fall on Leadership. Don’t expect any organization to outperform the level of its leadership. In order for an organization to gain sustainable competitive advantage, it requires strong leaders at every level.

redball.gif (682 bytes) EXCEL GROUP can assist you in assessing your Leaders’ skill development requirements. We spend time with managers, and their direct reports to gain insightful feedback with our 360 Management Communication process. This process allows management groups a realistic look at their strengths and areas for development. This ensures that any development solutions are prioritized to the leadership practices most needed.
redball.gif (682 bytes) EXCEL GROUP can assist you in arranging management learning modules/curriculum to provide solutions that meet your development and delivery needs.
redball.gif (682 bytes) Modular Delivery allows us to design development solutions that are linked by a process tailored to your organizational needs. Like getting in shape physically, sustainable improvement requires regular development, coaching, follow-up and post intervention assessment. We can design a development strategy that can include a combination of leadership interventions, individualized management coaching, and follow-up.

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