Management Development Training
  Learning how to apply DISC for better results
ATTENTION... Managers
HR Professionals
OD Practitioners

Want to save costs and make better hiring & developmental decisions?

Want to help your organization perform better?

What does team conflict or "mismanaged employees" cost your organization in terms of loss or decline of  productivity/performance?

 How many managers in your organization are not clear on  which of their behaviors enhance the productivity of direct reports and which serve to undermine performance? What is the cost of not knowing? How can you improve management development?


To assist Managers, Recruiters,  HR and OD practitioners,  Trainers and consultants in acquiring the knowledge of how to accurately interpret DISC profiles for  various applications, including recruiting/selection, coaching, team building and training/communication workshops. 

Upon completion, participants will be equipped with the knowledge needed to use the profiles with a high degree of credibility for application.


Using a text book, participants are given case studies to work through at their own convenience.  Once per week, for 4 weeks, participants join a facilitator and up to 7 others through conference call/ Webinar to review answers (about 60 minutes). At the end of the four online teleconference sessions, participants receive a completion certificate.

Upcoming Dates - New session begins April 9th
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Research indicates that 93% of our message is “how” we communicate and 7% is the content or the “what.”

Key Value Points

  Recruit/Select more effectively for right fit & development
  Reduce staff turnover
Understand your unique management communication style 
  Understand the communication preferences of your immediate work team for greater productivity.
  Enhance Team Effectiveness with Clearer focus in achieving objectives.
  Learn how to communicate for greater effectiveness with peers, direct reports and superiors.
  Reduce  time/performance waste resulting from miscommunication.
  Reduce mismanagement of direct reports
  Enhance work team open communications
  Reduce conflict and stress


  Personalized, Excel DISC Management Behavioral Profiles (generated from online input by participants in advance approx. 10 minutes)
Facilitated by one of our certified instructors.
Completion certificate

The Applications

Team Building

Management Development


Customer Service

Sales Training

Interpersonal Communications


Change Management



"Thanks for recommending the DISC program last month. You're right - building my expertise is helping me position it for many of our business units in order to make better talent hiring decisions"  - JB


Management Development Training
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Each participant will receive a personalized behavioral profile generated by our online survey system. Sample below.
Management Development Training




Management Development Training









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